Photo Booth

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Our Open-Air Selfie Booth is quite literally a photo booth outside-the-box. It has no doors, no walls, and no curtains! Our camera can capture up to twelve people in a single photograph making this type of photo booth a great option for corporate, formal or other major events like school reunions, as you won’t need to worry about having to cram people up into a tight space. Choose from any of our available backdrops to still give your pictures that fun and vibrant photo booth vibe, but without the claustrophobia!

Still Shots, Animated GIFS, Boomerang GIFS!

The Selfie Booth is an interactive extraordinaire. Your guests step right up and select a Still Shot, Animated GIF, or Boomerang GIF. After selecting their experience, they can choose a Digital Prop to interact with. When their session is complete, they pick a Custom Filter and then share via email or text. Setup is simple and quick, space need is minimal, and the Selfie Booth works with or without staff.

Animated and Boomerang Gifs are the MOST popular Custom Photo Booth Experience! GIF is a series of photos captured really quickly, mashed together, played forwards, then backdrops, and looped.